hello i am hexa @hexaes on twitter, synodicatalyst on tumblr

hi, i'm hexa / evan. im very gay and i love jaderose. i get the feeling you might already know this

☆ they/he
☆ 18
☆ bi
☆ chinese aussie
☆ vriska. she deserves a dotpoint here
☆ i do art

the adventure zone
fantasy high
animal crossing :) ask to add me!
my sweet sweet boyfriend oliver who is making fun of me as i type this. love you angel

bigotry of any kind
incest pedophilia abuse etc

please talk to me directly if something i say irks you: my DMs are always open and i'm always open for discussion. i promise i'm not mean or scary at all let's just Talk It Out

my curiouscat is linked on here if you want to be anonymous

my priv is hexasept which you can req if we're mutuals. i just post doodles there and talk about dumb shit sometimes

Also xtine if you're reading this, I'm not smart enough to figure out how to put a picture of you here but i'm still feeding your ego by mentioning you. there.


Q: [something about commissions]

A: As of April 2020, I have commissions open, ranging from 10-50 USD. email me at [email protected] if you're interested :)

If you want to support me, I have a ko-fi. Anything you throw my way is super appreciated <3

Q: Why are you so mean about boys?

A: i've never been mean in my entire life i have no idea what you're talking about

Q: Why do you love Vriska so much?
A: listen vriska and i may have gotten a divorce but like her narrative means so much to me. also theres something very good about girls who just go apeshit

Q: What are your favourite ships/characters etc.? Do you like [x]? What is your classpect?
A: All of my Fandom Shit can be found here.

All art used on this site is Jade/Rose fanart which I commissioned from various people.

The background was done by the lovely Monty.

My icon was drawn by the incredible Fen.

Both pieces are also being used as my icons/headers on Tumblr and Twitter as well. The art on my curiouscat is by Monty as well.

fandom-related stuff:

♡ jaderose. vrisrezi. ♡

(jade)rosemary. roxycallie. dirkjohn.

davekat. arafefnep. various combinations of jadevriskanroserezi.

other: ignoct. araluna. croweluna. lupcretia. hurloane. sweet flips.

homestuck: vriska. jade. rose. terezi. my favourite homestuck boy is john.
TAZ: lucretia. lup. duck. minerva.

Homestuck bullshit:

Hiveswap / Friendsim opinions:
I have an inexplicable love for Charun and no-one, including myself, really understands it. Marsti, Tyzias, and Boldir are also my favourites.

i have absolutely no feelings towards basically any other hiveswap trolls